Award of iTTC

Award in Year 2015

-2Place QCC Kaizen Thailand Competition 2015
-Thai Hino Co-operation Club
-Honorable Mention Group C

Award in Year 2014

- 2nd Runner up The IRCT Group QCC Contest 2014

Award in Year 2013

- 1 Place QCC KAIZEN Thailand Competition 2013
- Certify & Congratulate to INOAC TOKAI The winner Group MCC-QCC Content
- Thai Hino CO-OPERATION Club Honorable
Mention Group B

Award in Year 2010

-National Occupational Health and Safety Award.
- 1,000,000 Working Hours Zero Accident Award
-The 28th QCC Activity :TCC
-The Prestigious Award in Quality:ISUZU

Award in Year 2009

-The Best in QCD: ISUZU
-Q1 Preferred Quality Status : FORD
-The Change Challenge :TOYOTA

Award in Year 2008

- The Best in Delivery: ISUZU
- Deliver Award: HONDA

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